Project Challenge

The Project is located outside the shipping channel and in the shoals of the Delaware River offshore of the Delaware Bank. Access was a challenge for barges and boats with water limited to 2-ft at low tide and approximately 7-ft at high tide. Work was scheduled around both high and low tides depending on the activity.

Project Solution

Shallow draft boat equipment was used for access to the barge. The barge was floated in at high tide and spudded off for the project. It had a 300 ton crane on the barge to drive the 100+ ft long steel piles and set the 40+ ton Precast sections. Material barge moves were scheduled to arrive on a high tide with limitations put on the barge for draft. We poured over 600-CY of Concrete (WIP). Concrete was floated in via barge in 50 CY batches traveling approximately 2 hrs on the river. Fender systems using plastic lumber were bolted to the CIP and PC Concrete. The plastic lumber was covered with a UHMW panel for additional fender protection.

Project Gallery