Project Challenge

Working adjacent to an active runway and taxiways can present challenges for the milling and paving crews.  Airport safety is the primary focus of all involved therefore careful planning is required to sequence work to satisfy the DRBA and FAA officials.   

Project Solution

The work of this project consists of approximately 120,000 SY of bituminous runway pavement, including pavement milling, joint and crack repair, and application of a true-and-leveling course, a bituminous overlay, minor grading, pavement marking and grooving.  This project also includes the rehabilitation of the Runway 10-28 lighting and signage system. The work entails raising/lowering of existing can and conduit system as necessary as well as running new cable from the electrical vault through the Runway 10-28 lighting and signage system. Replacement of the existing lighting and signage with new lights and LED signs is included as well.

Project Gallery