Project Challenge

The Big Timber Creek bridges widening portion of the project presents the largest challenge with 6 individual cofferdams in each stage to replace piers up to 30 feet below the tides to be constructed with no land access for a crane other than the median of the highway between the two NB and SB bridges over the nearly 250 ft wide creek. These two bridges will each take multiple 275 Ton crane assemblies in each stage to complete and are the critical path of the project for the 4 year duration. While these bridges are constructed, 1 staged bridge replacement and 4 new elevated ramps totaling 3,600 LF of bridge deck must be built. The logistics to handle this many paths that all require cranes and other resources is not easy for any company to handle. With nearly 200,000 CY of soil to reuse or dispose of and 155,000 CY needed for fill, utilizing limited site area to store such large quantities of soil is also a challenge.

Work Performed

Construction of 9 bridges, 38,000 SY of ground improvements, realignment of 2 local roads, 1 highway on/off ramp, 95,000+ Tons of paving, removal and construction of 12 sign structures, 200,000+ CY of excavation, 200,000+ SF of sheet piles, 3,000+ LF of drainage, sewer, gas, electric, and water utility work, and noise wall construction.

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