Project Challenge

This project required the construction of a 4 span, 300 foot long, precast superstructure at an accelerated and hyper build pace, while also replacing portions of the substructure with precast units. The Route 76 Bridge spans over top of Klemm Avenue, a Conrail Railroad track, and the South Branch Newton Creek. The superstructure is also located at the heart of one of New Jersey’s busiest highways, as it serves as a main route for traffic to enter and leave Philadelphia. Due to minimal working space, this bridge had to be constructed in four separate stages with a movable barrier system used daily in the median of the highway to accommodate the heavy rush hour traffic. This bridge construction also required the use of a Liebherr LR 11,000, which is by far the largest crane South State has ever used. This type of large scale and accelerated construction always poses a challenge.

Work Performed

Construction of the 4 span, 300 foot long, precast superstructure. Replacement to portions of the substructure with newly precast abutment, pier, moment slab, and sleeper slab units. Installation of Lightweight Bridge Mounted Noise Barrier, over 3,000 SY of Ground Mounted Noise Barrier, nearly 10,000 SF of Retaining Wall, two overhead sign structures, nearly 20,000 Tons of asphalt, 5,000 feet of drainage, and 1,500 feet of trench drain.

Project Gallery